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PLACE Speech Test

Understanding the basics of communication and speech is important as students prepare for a well-rounded adult life, and speech teachers help their students to learn these concepts. Speech teachers in the state of Colorado need to pass the PLACE Speech Test as part of the licensure process. The PLACE Speech Test is a timed, multiple-choice exam. Your score is based on how many questions you answer correctly.

The PLACE Speech Test covers five areas of knowledge that all speech teachers are required to have mastered:

  1. Principles of Communication (e.g., vocal production, listening skills, nonverbal communication)
  2. Interpersonal and Group Communication (e.g., dyadic communication, cultural factors, evaluating messages, group discussions)
  3. Public Speaking, Argumentation, and Persuasion (e.g., types of speeches, research skills, planning a speech, speech delivery, debate)
  4. Oral Interpretation (e.g., types of literature, how to analyze nonverbal communication)
  5. Mass Communication and Media (e.g., print and non-print media, governmental regulation, influence of mass communication on society)

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