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PLACE School Librarian Test

School librarians do much more than shelve books-they also teach students research and cataloging skills that will last a lifetime. If you plan to be a school librarian, you will need to pass the PLACE School Librarian Test. The multiple-choice questions on this exam cover four areas:

  1. The School Library Program. The role of the school library program, responsibilities of the school library educator, legal requirements, and ethical issues.
  2. Information Literacy Skills. Strategies for initiating searches and for locating and accessing information resources, assessing the progress of a search, and communicating results from a search.
  3. Curriculum and Resources. Understanding the collaborative role of school library educators and staff, types of literature, references, educational resources, and technology for the school library.
  4. Program Administration. Development/evaluation of the library program, organization, and management of resources.

The most effective way to study for this exam is to obtain a full list of test subareas and objectives. Your PLACE School Librarian Test score comes from how many questions you answer correctly.

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