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PLACE Reading Specialist Test

Reading is a building-block subject that determines a student's future success. That's why many school districts hire reading specialists to formulate an effective reading program or assess their current programs. If you want to be a reading specialist in the state of Colorado, you may need to take the PLACE Reading Specialist Test.

The PLACE Reading Specialist test covers four broad areas of knowledge:

  1. The Reading Program
  2. Reading Assessment
  3. Special Populations (such as gifted, learning disabilities, and English as a second language)
  4. Program Organization, Administration, and Leadership

Each of these broad areas is broken down into objectives. You should study the detailed test objectives and try to work through some practice questions as part of your study plan.

The PLACE Reading Specialist Test is a timed, multiple-choice exam. Your score is based on how many questions you answer correctly.

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