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PLACE Principal Test

If you plan to be a school principal in the state of Colorado, you will need to pass the PLACE Principal Test. Here are some tips to help you do well on the exam:

Study for a multiple-choice exam. The PLACE Principal Test is timed and multiple choice, so try to review some test-taking strategies for this type of exam format. Strategies may include eliminating at least two of the possible answers, and then deciding between the remaining ones.

Focus on the test objectives. The PLACE Principal Test covers four main objectives and their subareas:

  1. Foundations of Educational Leadership
  2. Promoting Continuous School Improvement
  3. Leading the Instructional Program
  4. Managing the School Organization
You should find a copy of the detailed objectives and use this list as part of your study plan.

Understand the scoring. Your score on the PLACE Principal Test comes from how many questions you answer correctly, and all test results are reported as scaled scores.

PLACE Principal Test Practice Questions

PLACE Principal Test Practice Questions

PLACE Principal Test Answer Key

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