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Many people pass their PLACE tests on the first try-but many do not. If you would rather be in the first group, there are three things you need in your PLACE practice. You need to have a solid understanding of the content. You also need to understand the types of questions that will asked, how they are likely to be worded, and which areas will receive greater or lesser focus. Thirdly, you need to know yourself.

What kind of surroundings and practice materials bring out the learner in you? How do you most effectively organize your time? Don't forget about lifestyle obligations. The hours you set aside for PLACE practice will be intense. It will require sacrifice from your family, friends and work associates, as well as from you. You'll have to adjust preparation time for the basic needs of your spouse, kids, and job.

Let's consider study environments. Does background noise make you throw in the towel? Or do you need a little hubbub in the background in order to settle in and focus? Do you retain information best when you listen to recorded tapes, or are you someone who must scribble down information in order to remember it? Consider your personal learning style when establishing your PLACE practice habits.

Different types respond to different study aids. Some folks like texts or flashcards, others are happier downloading online materials to study at the computer. Some people want the support of others as part of a study group. There are online or brick-and-mortar classes if you've got the time and want to spend the money. Whatever else you do, the single most important thing is using PLACE practice test questions extensively. Because they're central to your success we're providing numerous high - quality practice questions at no cost and without strings. They'll help you figure out what areas you are already strong in, and what areas you need to concentrate on.

We know you've got a life beyond studying for your PLACE exams, so here's a tip to help you get the people in your life involved. Remind family members that success with PLACE ultimately means a better - paying job. A better job can mean a wonderful vacation, quality family time and enough cash for those extras you can't currently afford.

Find ways to invite your family into your PLACE practice time. Most kids, as well as spouses, will be eager to help you study using flashcards and the free questions we are providing. It does something else, too. It lets your family know that they are an important part of the process. With their help, success at your PLACE practice will result in success on your PLACE tests!

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