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PLACE Physical Education Test

Do you want to be a P.E. teacher in the state of Colorado? If so, you will need to pass the PLACE Physical Education Test as part of the licensure process. The PLACE Physical Education Test is a timed, multiple-choice exam that covers four topics:

  1. Human Development (e.g., physical, motor, cognitive, social, and emotional development, child/adolescent psychology, the skeletal system, other body systems)
  2. Physical Fitness (e.g., basics of training, elements of health-related fitness, strength training, aerobic conditioning)
  3. Motor Skill Acquisition (e.g., biomechanics, locomotor and non-locomotor/axial skills, movement education, fundamentals of specific sports such as gymnastics, racquetball, soccer, basketball, track and field, etc.)
  4. Program Development and Implementation (e.g., goals and philosophy of physical education, instructional approaches, assessment techniques, safety practices)

Your score on the PLACE Physical Education Test comes from how many questions you answer correctly, and all test results are reported as scaled scores.

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