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PLACE Music Test

The PLACE Music Test is a subject test required for all music teacher candidates in Colorado as part of the state licensure process. If you will be taking the PLACE Music Test, here is what you need to know:

All questions are multiple choice. The PLACE test questions cover a variety of test objectives through multiple-choice questions. Your score will be based on how many questions you answer correctly, and all test results are given as scaled scores.

You must arrive on time. Because the PLACE Music Test has recorded elements, late arrivals will not be admitted into the test.

You should study the four main topics. The PLACE Music Test covers four broad areas:

  1. Music Theory (e.g., keys, scales, melody, and rhythm)
  2. Music History and Culture (e.g., Baroque, Classical, Romantic)
  3. Music Performance (e.g., vocal technique, types of instruments and ensembles)
  4. Listening Skills (e.g., identifying styles, instruments, characteristics, genres, and various elements by listening to recordings)

PLACE Music Test Practice Questions

PLACE Music Test Practice Questions

PLACE Music Test Answer Key

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