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PLACE Instructional Technology Test

Technology plays a huge role in today's world, having changed everything from the basic classroom to our most complex global issues. If you are a teacher or educator in the state of Colorado and want to teach others about technology in education, you will likely need to take the PLACE Instructional Technology Test.

This test covers three broad areas:

  1. Foundations of Instructional Technology. Covers the role of technology and its social issues, as well as basic operations of technology in an educational setting.
  2. Learning Environments and Experiences. Includes questions about technology-supported learning environments, using technology for problem solving, technology in classroom productivity, and others.
  3. Professional Practice and Productivity. Covers applications of technology in assessment/evaluation, using technology to enhance professional productivity, and strategies for professional development.

The most effective way to study for this exam is to obtain a full list of test subareas and objectives. Your PLACE Instructional Technology Test score comes from how many questions you answer correctly.

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