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PLACE Health Test

To become a health educator or teacher in the state of Colorado, you may need to pass the PLACE Health Test. This is a timed, multiple-choice exam that covers four topics:

  1. Physical Health. Covers pregnancy, childbirth, physical growth/development, communicable and non-communicable disease, nutrition, dental health, wellness, and others.
  2. Mental Health. Includes questions about emotional development, stress, mental disorders, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and more.
  3. Social Health. Tests your knowledge of family roles/responsibilities, social behavior in adolescents, sexual development, child abuse, health-related consumer fraud, sexual harassment, and others.
  4. Community Health. Covers environmental health, accidents, injuries, safety procedures, community health agencies, and others.

The most effective way to study for this exam is to obtain a full list of test subareas and objectives within these four broad categories. Your PLACE Health Test score comes from how many questions you answer correctly.

PLACE Health Test Practice Questions

PLACE Health Test Practice Questions

PLACE Health Test Answer Key

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