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PLACE Elementary Education Test

If you plan to be an elementary school teacher in the state of Colorado, you may need to pass the PLACE Elementary Education Test, a timed, multiple-choice test administered at testing centers across the state.

The test covers six areas of knowledge, with all questions geared specifically for the elementary-aged classroom:

  1. Language Arts and Literacy
  2. Science
  3. Mathematics
  4. Social Studies (with emphasis on Colorado and United States geography/history)
  5. Humanities (music, visual art, creative drama, and cultural connections in the arts)
  6. Wellness and Physical Education (including personal health and safety)

Questions in each category focus on the processes, developmental characteristics, teaching strategies, and knowledge used in working with children.

Because your score on the PLACE Elementary Education Test comes from how many questions you answer correctly, you should make an effort to study the test outline in detail.

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