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PLACE Early Childhood Education Test

If you need to take the PLACE Early Childhood Education Test as part of your educator licensure process, you will need to focus your study efforts on these seven topics:

  1. Child Development and Learning. Biological, environmental, familial, cultural, societal, and economic factors on child development and learning, and childhood development basics.
  2. Curriculum: Literacy. Reading, language skills, and instruction paradigms.
  3. Curriculum: Mathematics. Number sense, geometrics, problem solving, data, etc.
  4. Curriculum: Additional Content. How to facilitate learning in social studies, science, and others.
  5. Instruction and Assessment. Strategies for learning and assessment.
  6. Professionalism. Ethical code and conduct.
  7. Family and Community Relationships. Creating partnerships with families.

Because the questions for the PLACE Early Childhood Education Test are all multiple choice, you should also go over test-taking strategies for this format. Your score will come from how many questions you answer correctly in the allotted time frame.

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