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With relatively high teacher salaries married to a reasonable cost of living, Colorado is a great state in which to be a teacher. In fact, the state has been named one of the most financially "comfortable" for teachers by, a resource site for educators.

Annual teacher salaries in Colorado are definitely impressive: $49,000 for elementary school teachers and $51,000 for secondary school teachers. And salaries have increased by more than 25 percent over the past ten years.

There are a few ways to make more than the average teacher salary. The first is by teaching in a high-needs school. These schools, which are typically in rural or metropolitan areas, offer impressive financial incentives to recruit and retain teachers. Teachers willing to stick around for a few years can even qualify for loan forgiveness programs for their undergraduate or graduate loans. A master's degree can up your salary, too. Most schools reward teachers with advanced degrees with higher salaries.

Colorado does differ from most states in one way, however: few school districts offer better salaries for teaching subjects that typically experience teacher shortages, such as science, math, and special education. Despite the difficulty of finding teachers to fill those positions, teachers of some subjects don't enjoy a salary advantage over teachers of another subject. A physics teacher makes the same as an English teacher, for example.

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