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PLACE Certification

PLACE Certification

Initial licensure for teachers can be earned by anyone who has successfully finished a teacher preparation program in Colorado, and passed appropriate content tests. PLACE certification is available in the fields of teaching, special service, and administration. Applicants in an Alternative Licensure Preparation Program are also eligible to take the appropriate PLACE test(s).

Nine types of certifications are offered. The Administrator test does not cover the same material as the Principal certification test. Teacher tests include Early Childhood; Elementary; K - 12; Secondary Teacher; and Special Education: Generalist. Certifications in the areas of School Counselor and School Social Worker are also offered.

Most of the PLACE certification areas are composed of a single test that corresponds to the category type. For example, anyone who is seeking an endorsement as an Administrator must take the Administrator (81) exam. Potential Early Childhood teachers must pass the Early Childhood Education exam (02). Elementary teachers are required to successfully complete the Elementary Education (01) exam.

Four areas, K - 12 Teacher; Secondary Teacher; School Social Worker; and Special Education: Generalist, have specific requirements. K - 12 Teacher and Secondary Teacher licensure depends upon the applicant passing the test(s) specific to the applicant's chosen area of expertise. For example, an art teacher must pass the Art test. Those seeking PLACE certification in the area of School Social Worker have the choice between passing the PLACE School Social Worker test (47), or taking an examination given by the American Association of State Social Worker Boards. Special Education: Generalist applicants must have previously passed, in addition to the Special Education: Generalist (20) test, the Elementary Education (01) test.

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