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PLACE Business Education Test

To become a business educator or teacher in the state of Colorado, you may need to pass the PLACE Business Education Test. This is a timed, multiple-choice exam that covers five topics:

  1. Business Management and Communication. Ensures that test takers understand the fundamentals of business management, human resource management, and marketing.
  2. Economics and Personal Finance. Covers macroeconomics, microeconomics, consumerism, and personal finance.
  3. Technology and Information Systems. Tests your knowledge of computers, telecommunications, and other applications of technology in business.
  4. Accounting, Finance, and Business Law. Covers basic principles of law (consumer, environmental, employment, contract, and business), business math, and accounting.
  5. Business Education Programs. Ensures that you understand program design, career skills and occupational clusters, and workplace skills.

The most effective way to study for this exam is to obtain a full list of test subareas and objectives. Your PLACE Business Education Test score comes from how many questions you answer correctly.

PLACE Business Education Test Practice Questions

PLACE Business Education Test Practice Questions

PLACE Business Education Test Answer Key

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