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PLACE Basic Skills Test

If you want to be a teacher or educator of any kind in Colorado, you may need to take the Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) Basic Skills Test. The PLACE Basic Skills Test has three sections:

  1. Reading. In this section, test takers read a portion of written material and answer multiple-choice questions about that material to evaluate critical-thinking skills, comprehension, and relationships.
  2. Math. This multiple-choice section uses math problems and representations to evaluate, solve, and organize data.
  3. Writing. This section has a multiple-choice segment about writing and a performance assignment in which test takers write a prompted composition of 300-600 words.

On your test date, you may decide to take any combination of sections or all of them. If you spread the PLACE Basic Skills Test out over multiple test dates, you don't need to retake sections that you've already passed.

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PLACE Basic Skills Test Practice Questions

PLACE Basic Skills Test Practice Questions

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