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Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators

PLACE Test Practice Questions

The Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators was created in order to fulfill mandates of the Educator Licensing act. PLACE tests are criterion - referenced. Applicants' knowledge is appraised against an objective performance standard. They are not ranked along a continuum in relationship to other applicants. The tests are designed to determine Colorado teachers who have a satisfactory level of skills and knowledge to effectively teach students in Colorado. Teacher preparation programs, school curriculum and teacher licensing standards of the state of Colorado inform test objectives. Test questions are reviewed by classroom teachers, college and university education faculty, and other professional educators, and are field tested to ensure that test objectives serve the larger related objectives.

Free PLACE Test Practice Questions

  • Administrator Test
  • Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources Test
  • Art Test
  • Basic Skills Test
  • Business Education Test
  • Drama Test
  • Early Childhood Education Test
  • Early Childhood Special Education Test
  • Elementary Education Test
  • English Test
  • Family and Consumer Studies Test
  • Gifted and Talented Test
  • Health Test
  • Instructional Technology Test
  • Linguistically Diverse Education Test
  • Linguistically Diverse Education Specialist: Bilingual Education Test
  • Marketing Education Test
  • Mathematics Test
  • Music Test
  • Physical Education Test
  • Principal Test
  • Reading Specialist Test
  • Reading Teacher Test
  • School Counselor Test
  • School Librarian Test
  • School Social Worker Test
  • Science Test
  • Social Studies Test
  • Spanish Test
  • Special Education Generalist Test
  • Special Education Specialist Deaf/Hard of Hearing Test
  • Special Education Specialist Visually Impaired Test
  • Speech Test
  • Technology Education Test
  • The majority of PLACE tests are entirely composed of multiple-choice questions, with the exception of those which test for languages other than English, and the Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (23) test. Tests of languages other than English add both written and oral component. The Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (23) test adds a Braille performance requirement.

    The Basic Skills (90) test, which includes reading, mathematics and writing subsections, is not one of the requirements for certification. Many college and university programs, however, prefer it. Consult your particular program to determine if it is required by them. The Basic Skills test consists of multiple choice questions for the reading and mathematics sections. The writing section includes both multiple choice questions and a writing sample.

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    Teaching in Colorado: What You Need to Get Started

    Exciting winter sports, beautiful summer weather, and gorgeous landscapes…what’s not to love about living and working in Colorado? Especially if you’re a teacher. The chance to make a difference in the lives of others, combined with generous salaries, benefits, and vacation time, make teaching in Colorado a highly desirable career.

    If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher in Colorado, we’ve gathered much of the information you’ll need to get started. Every teacher must be state certified to teach and to become certified, you must pass the Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE). We’ve taken some of the anxiety out of this requirement by including the most frequently asked questions about the PLACE exams.

    We’ve also provided links to websites that list thousands of open teacher positions around Colorado. We gathered salary data, too, so you’ll know how much you can command as a teacher—and whether an offer is competitive. Finally, there is a lengthy page of online educational resources to help you network with other teachers and find support once you begin your career in the classroom.

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